La Spezia and surroundings

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A Gateway to the Mediterranean

Porto Lotti and the Gulf of La Spezia are set in an area that is unique in the world and rich in cultural, scenic and traditional attractions.

Art, monuments, history intersect with breathtaking landscapes, both maritime and mountainous, while at the same time offering typical and unrepeatable food and wine experiences.

A thousand corners to explore, characterised by the extremely rich offer of Italian food and wine heritage that proposes inexhaustible taste experiences, with traditional dishes, cheeses, cured meats, wines, among inns, refined restaurants and world-famous wine cellars.

La Spezia:


Ligurian cuisine has roots in a poor tradition, well represented by street food, perfect for eating in the narrow streets of villages perched by the sea. Chickpea porridge, cod fritters without forgetting the very famous focaccia, even better dipped in cappuccino for a real local breakfast.
On the table there are mesciua - a soup made from cereals and pulses - stuffed muscles, erbazzone, whitebait fritters, stuffed anchovies, codfish "alla spezzina", rabbit "alla cacciatora", stuffed cima and stewed tripe. Traditional desserts include castagnaccio with pine nuts and sultanas and spongata from Sarzana with jam, candied fruit and dried fruit, perhaps accompanied by a glass of Sciacchetrà, the typical Cinque Terre wine.
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The City

Overlooking the beautiful Gulf of Poets, La Spezia is a town that offers many attractions to see and experience. Many destinations are easily reached by land and sea, starting with the Cinque Terre Protected Marine Area National Park, a true paradise for those who love hiking, diving, or simply strolling through the characteristic Ligurian alleyways, savouring the local delicacies.
The city is a perfect starting point for exploring the hinterland, in search of mushrooms or chestnuts, cycling through flower-filled meadows, trekking: all this is on offer in the territory that stretches behind the province of La Spezia, as far as the Tuscan-Emilian Apennines.
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Its strategic position allows you to take in the best of the gulf, moving easily from the soft beaches of Lerici and San Terenzo to the cliffs of Tellaro and Portovenere, where you will find wide pebble beaches. Let's not forget the Cinque Terre, great for a quick swim to discover the beauty of the area. Perfect for a relaxing day, Palmaria Island one of the last wild outposts of the area, where you can admire a beautiful view of Portovenere and the entire coastline.

Landscapes and Surroundings:

Cinque Terre

An indented stretch of coastline very close to the waters of Porto Lotti, the Cinque Terre are jewels set between Punta Mesco and Punta di Montenero, in the province of La Spezia. Monterosso, Vernazza, Corniglia, Manarola and Riomaggiore are the enchanting localities that enjoy worldwide fame.
The Cinque Terre beaches are famous for being narrow and pebbly, but if pebbles are not your thing, don't worry, you can opt for Monterosso, where you will find comfortable beaches. The landscape is a succession of sheer cliffs and marvellous coves.
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From Lerici
to Tellaro

Colourful houses reflected in the water and the castle of Lerici dominating the landscape from above. In Lerici, the gaze is full of beauty and not surprisingly it was the destination of poets and romantic writers, from Lord Byron to Mary Shelley, who were literally enchanted by it.
Tellaro is a pearl that few people know about.
Just a few kilometres from Lerici, it can be reached along a spectacular road overlooking the sea or more conveniently by sea from our marina. A charming fishing village, it offers splendid views. Houses built on the cliff overlooking the coast, here life flows slowly and is punctuated by the sound of the sea.
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For lovers of the sea, this is an authentic paradise, listed by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site. The Portovenere Regional Natural Park includes the ancient village overlooking the sea and the three neighbouring islands: Palmaria, Tino and Tinetto.

Hinterland: Lunigiana,
Val di Magra

The Ligurian hinterland in proximity of Porto Lotti is crossed by the Via Francigena, which twists and turns in the Val di Magra territory, in the heart of Lunigiana, between ancient historical testimonies and intact natural environments.
In this area the town of Sarzana stands out with its ancient fortress of Sarzanello, a historical village that we recommend you visit, as well as the point where the Bocca di Magra enters the Tyrrhenian Sea, a suggestive natural environment between Fiumaretta and Bocca di Magra, to be explored on foot or by bicycle thanks to special bicycle and pedestrian circuits.
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